Winners of the Healthy Poem Competition

Published on Friday, 17 November 2023 at 11:42:02 AM

Congratulations to our 2023 Healthy Poem Competition winners and a massive thank you to the 88 students who submitted their poems!

The quality of poems this year was outstanding, and made the judges' decision a really hard one. We would like to congratulate Harper (aged 7) from Peakhurst Public School (NSW), Saschi (aged 13) from Woodvale Secondary College (WA), and Sani-E-Zahara (aged 13) from Oran Park High School (NSW).

Read their winning poems below!

The Lonely Mystery by Harper from Peakhurst Public School

Sad and alone, I’m the last thing to see,

Always left on the plate, nobody to eat me.

Look through my rough surface and into my soul,

I’ll help your heart and cholesterol.

Take a taste and I promise that you’ll agree,

Your weak brittle bones will become mighty.

Oranges aren’t the only source of vitamin C,

They’re no match for my prevention of disease.

I’m loaded with fibre which helps you digest,

One cup of me, keeps the doctors at rest.

This healthy vegetable is no longer a mystery,

Yes, I am a super green, I am broccoli!

Flawed Food by Saschi from Woodvale Secondary College

The world will never be perfect.

Everything has flaws,

Like every fruit that has defects,

And veggies that have their faults.

Like the dark spots on bananas,

And the little bruises on apples.

The sprouts that grow out of potatoes,

And the abnormal shaped carrots.

The overripe avocados,

And the watermelons covered in webbed blemishes.

Are all useful,

In many ways, shapes, and forms.

Like a banana bread,

An apple crumble.

Mashed potatoes,

Or even a smoothie.

Are all made from these failed fruits,

And they’re rather yummy!

The Symphony of Healthy Foods by Sani-E-Zahra from Oran Park High School

In the green gardens, lies an abundance of vibrant, gleaming nutrients

Through the mouth-watering scents of healthy food waits a nourished life

These meals are shields of vitality that give you strength with supplements

Every single bite bestows a taste from the heavenly fields of delight

At the other side of the path to freedom waits the sugary, junk, bad unhealthy foods

It pulls you down like a downfall destruction

Waiting for you to break, to make you feel a hint of happiness

But then devour you right up and lead you astray

Rising to the food from nature’s beauty shines brighter than the light of the sun

The fruits and veggies are glistening as they offer vitamins and nourishment

The sweet song of whole grains and lean meats echo through the meadows of pureness

By every piece of art we swallow, we build up our energy and muscles

Sounds of flowing streams fill our ears, as we see the twinkling water

It appears as if to be the elixir of life’s august parade, as it hydrates our cells

Listen to this ode as it is heals our strengthening hearts

And filling our healthy bodies with what it deserves

Can you hear the symphony of healthy foods, chanting out your name

Creating a path to wellness and energy for me and you

With each meal of nature’s bounty, let our bodies shine

Walking into a healthy life packed with a feast of goodness

The judges would also like to congratulate the seven shortlisted entries:

Layla from Esperance Primary School (WA) for Two Fruit, Five Veg

Sean from St Joseph’s College (NSW) for Laid on a dining table, a feast unfolds

Samir from Australian International Academy CSSC (VIC) for In gardens lush, where colours bloom

Ava from Loreto College (VIC) for Healthy food, oh how it nourishes the soul

Cohen from Montville State School (QLD) for Veggie Runaway!

Piper from Aranda Primary School (ACT) for Ride the Rainbow

Anya from Mel Maria Primary School (WA) for The Plate

We would like to thank our partner, Heathway, for sponsoring our Healthy Poem competition.

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