Healthway Partnership

'Go for 2 & 5' WA Primary Schools Literature Program

The Literature Centre proudly acknowledges our long and rewarding partnership with Healthway, promoting the Go For 2 & 5 messages to all primary school workshops. Together they assist with funding for our 'Go for 2 & 5' WA Primary Schools Literature Program. Important healthy eating messages for children and their families are presented to students as part of our workshop. Our Education Officers, authors and illustrators increase awareness of the benefits of Eating two fruit and five veg to make a healthy body. 

Throughout each year, primary teachers receive a helpful information pack during our workshops and all students receive an activity sheet to take home with them. We want to encourage healthy eating habits from a young age and improve public awareness of healthy eating options. Below are some helpful links and resources that help support healthy eating messages in schools and at home. (transitioning to Foodcore)

Creative Mind Poster

Healthy Lunchbox Resource

In recent years, promotions have included a Healthy Poem Competition for students, winners received bookshop vouchers and had their poems published on our website. We also co-present a Professional Learning Seminar for teachers at our Centre.

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