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The primary goal of the Literature Centre is to enhance the accessibility of literature for students ranging from Pre-Primary to Year 12, fostering an inspiring and supportive setting. While numerous schools visit our Centre, we also organize residencies in schools and libraries across WA, these residencies are led by our Creative Learning Associates.

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Anna Stanton

Anna Stanton, a dedicated primary educator with specialized training, brings a wealth of passion for integrating Arts skills into various facets of curriculum delivery. Having led the implementation of programs across Western Australia's primary education landscape, she introduces teachers to the incorporation of Drama activities, enriching the understanding of pictures and novels. Anna's expertise extends to authoring educational materials for various theatre companies throughout Australia, and she eagerly shares her knowledge with teachers and students visiting The Literature Centre.


Alyssa Curtayne 

With over 30 years of teaching experience across four states and K-12 learning areas, Alyssa Curtayne is a seasoned educator with a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing from Deakin University. An active member of the Australian Fairy Tale Society and an oral storyteller specializing in folk and fairy tales, Alyssa is a former journalist, sub-editor, and English teacher. Her love for stories stems from their transformative and transporting ability, shaping our shared humanity.


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Beth Rodgers

Beth is a highly experienced lead primary teacher who is passionate about sharing Australian literature and stories with children and young people. She joined The Literature Centre in 2023, and has over 25 years of experience in education and has a strong knowledge of the West Australian curriculum. Beth has taught in many diverse settings, ranging from Pre-Primary to lower secondary. She has held several teaching roles in Drama and Visual Arts and has been employed as a Literacy and Learning Support Coordinator. Beth is an advocate for inclusivity and is adept at tailoring our programs to meet the needs of students. She believes in infusing creativity into workshops and sparking curiosity in children from a young age through dynamic, engaging visual literacy and writing workshops, utilizing picture books and the unique secrets of our local West Australian artists.



Rebecca Palmer

Rebecca J Palmer, a primary and tertiary educator, resource writer, and author/illustrator of picture books, brings a wealth of experience to her role. Shortlisted for the Speech Pathologist Australia Award in 2022 for her first picture book, Monkey Mind, Rebecca initiates, designs, and delivers innovative programs for diverse audiences. As a Creative Learning Associate for The Literature Centre, she shares her passion for semiotics, visual literacy, and higher-order thinking skills. Rebecca's workshops explore the decoding of hidden messages in children's picture books, empowering them to make informed decisions in our fast-paced world. Additionally, she has contributed resources to The School Magazine and Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, aligning with the Australian Curriculum.


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Ron Gorman

Ron has extensive experience in teaching and leading a diversity of schools in WA and Victoria. He has made outstanding contributions to the study and practice of educational leadership at state, national and international levels and has presented widely on innovation, learning and school reform. Ron has also presented nationally on reading, writing and children’s literature. He has edited and contributed to numerous publications.  Ron was recently awarded the 2019 Pre-Eminent Leader of WA by the Australian Council of Educational Leadership as well as being awarded a National Fellowship. He is a member of the Global Educators Leaders Partnership. Ron is also a current Board Member of the Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation.



Tracey Rouhiainen

Tracey, a Creative Learning Associate with over 25 years of diverse classroom experience, showcases a dedication to education as both an English teacher and Teacher Librarian. Her journey spans leading classes from English ATAR to lower secondary school, Senior Library classes, upper primary literacy classes, and leading high school aged groups in cross-curricular, inquiry-based learning. Tracey's passion lies in helping young minds understand themselves and the world through reading, introducing them to innovative books and guiding exploration of authors' layered meanings.