Our Vision, Our Purpose, Our Values

Our vision

We imagine a future where… 

  • All children and young adults in Western Australia (and beyond) have access to quality Australian literature created by a thriving, valued community of authors and illustrators. 
  • Where young writers (and their teachers and schools) have the access, skills and inspiration to write their own stories. 
  • Where young readers (and their friends, families and communities) are able to find their diverse experiences represented in the pages of their books (in print and online). 
  • And where children’s and young adult literature is recognised as a critical part of Australian culture.

Our purpose

To achieve this vision, The Literature Centre will: 

  • Create and present a range of relevant and accessible programs, events and opportunities for young readers and writers, to inspire, empower and celebrate the creativity of WA’s children and young adults in their own right.
  • Nurture, profile and provide opportunities to writers and illustrators of Australian literature for children and young adults.
  • Support, promote and advocate on behalf of the art form of Australian literature for children and young adults, and of the importance of expanding audiences for Australia’s diverse stories (locally, nationally and internationally).

Our values

These are the values that underpin all that we do:

  • Nurturing: We encourage the creativity of young readers and writers, build capacity in authors and illustrators, and celebrate and advocate for Australian literature for children and young adults.
  • Access: We bring Australian literature into the lives of children and young adults who may otherwise miss out. 
  • Impact: We create meaningful experiences for readers and writers that have long-term and transformational effects (from increasing confidence to inspiring careers).
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in all of our programs, work practices and partnerships.