Our Vision, Our Purpose, Our Values

Our vision

We imagine a future where: 

  • All young people in Western Australia have access to Australian stories created by a thriving, valued and diverse community of artists. 
  • Young people, teachers and school communities have the access, skills and inspiration to express their own stories and are able to find their diverse identities and experiences represented in our programs. 
  • Storytelling, in all its forms, is recognised as a critical part of education.  

Our purpose

To achieve this vision, we will:

  • Create and present a range of relevant and accessible creative programs, events and opportunities for young people.
  • Nurture, profile and provide opportunities to WA writers and illustrators
  • Build the capacity of teachers, pre-service teachers, librarians, parents, caregivers and schools.
  • Celebrate Australian storytelling and the creativity of WA’s young people in their own right.

Our values

These are the values that underpin all that we do:

Respect and professionalism: We treat one another with respect and kindness in all our dealings.

Access and equity:  We actively remove barriers to engagement with all our programs. 

Diversity and inclusion: We bring diverse stories into the lives of young people.

Nurturing: We encourage the creativity of young people and build capacity in storytellers and teachers.

Impact: We create meaningful experiences that have long-term and transformational effects, from increasing confidence to inspiring careers. 

Collaboration: We open the door to conversations and collaborations, and work with our partners to extend our learning, impact and reach. 

Excellence: We strive for excellence in all of our programs, work practices and partnerships.