Behind the Walls

Get behind the Old Fremantle Prison walls for intimate evenings with popular and award-winning authors.

Join us for some book chat in a series of evenings behind the walls of Fremantle Prison. We will be in conversation with award-winning authors about the inspiration for their books and their writing process. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your favorite authors, ask them what you’ve always wanted to know, and get your books signed. 

This year we have four Behind the Walls evenings planned. The first on Thursday 20 April with a local author and creator of a short story about the reality of life with OCD, Sienna Rose ScullyThe story became the inspiration for the Fremantle Press published anthology 'Try Not To Think of a Pink Elephant'. This collection of real-life stories from a range of contributing authors with lived experience is insightful and heartbreaking with some humour along the way. This will be a truly unique conversation. One not to be missed. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased via Eventbrite.

On Thursday 8 June, we will be joined by award-winning author Rachael Johns - the undisputed Queen of Australian Life Lit and Romance Fiction. Apart from working in her PJs, what inspires Rachael Johns to continue writing popular fiction that continues to uplift us, make us cry, and bring us together. Her latest book The Work Wives published by HQ Harper- Collins is the story of two women navigating family secrets, office politics and jobs that pay the bills but don’t inspire them. Sound familiar? Tickets are $30 and can be purchased via Eventbrite.

Then, on Thursday 15 June we will be joined by Steven Herrick and Sally Murphy, two of Australia’s most popular verse novelists for young people as they explore the novel-length narrative told through the medium of poetry. Steven and Sally will discuss their writing processes; how they combine narrative and poetry; the history of the verse novel here and overseas; and why they believe the verse novel is both relevant and accessible for young readers. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased via Eventbrite.

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