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The Dam

Author/Illustrator: by David Almond and Levi Pinfold

Publisher: Candlewick Studio

Suitable: Year 6 to Year 9

Kielder Water is a wild and beautiful place, rich in folk music and legend. Years ago, before a great dam was built to fill the valley with water, there were farms and homesteads in that valley and musicians who livened their rooms with song. After the village was abandoned and before the waters rushed in, a father and daughter returned there. The girl began to play her fiddle, bringing her tune to one empty house after another -- for this was the last time that music would be heard in that place. With exquisite artwork by Levi Pinfold, David Almond's lyrical narrative -- inspired by a true tale -- pays homage to his friends Mike and Kathryn Tickell and all the musicians of Northumberland, to show that music is ancient and unstoppable, and that dams and lakes cannot overwhelm it.

Links to the Western Australian Curriculum: 

English: Literature Strand: Literature and context, Examining literature and Creating literature.  Literacy Strand: Texts in context

The Arts: Music

General Capabilities: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking and Ethical understanding

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