Jen Banyard

Jen Banyard writes the kind of adventures she daydreamed about – and sought out – as a kid. Her stories and sessions are fuelled by the joy of uninhibited play and exploration, and the power of imagination. Jen’s writing blends humour with grittier themes like compassion and environmental awareness, the ‘Australian Book Review’ describing her style as ‘smart, funny and insightful’.

The Riddle Gully middle-grade series is being adapted for TV. Jen’s novels have been shortlisted in young readers’ awards and serialised in the ‘West Australian’. Other stories have appeared in the NSW School Magazine and in anthology form.

Jen is based in Fremantle. With a Ph.D. in Creative Writing and a background in junior sports coaching and theatre, she relates to students with a diverse range of abilities and interests. Her earlier career was in journalism. She took up fiction writing only when she was all grown up, and part of her pleasure in working with students is helping and inspiring them – armed sometimes with a ukulele – to start young.

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