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Published on Thursday, 29 September 2022 at 11:00:00 AM

Announcing our panels and talks for our Celebrate Reading Conference this October.

If we couldn't tempt you more to join us for Celebrate Reading... we've just dropped our Conference program!

Our Celebrate Reading Conference offers engaging panels and solo talks that hope to discuss key issues in Australian children's literature. Including First Nations voices, writing for diverse learning abilities, history meeting imagination, and reaching the digital child with stories. Plus insights into the creative process of writers and illustrators alike.

You now have every reason to purchase a ticket to this year's Celebrate Reading Conference. Download the full program below or read on for what to expect.

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Celebrate Reading Conference Program 2022

|  Once Upon A Laureate There Was A Glimme with Morris Gleitzman, Jackie French & Marc McBride

Books are like machines. As a reader we give a certain energy. Our hands open covers, turn pages, almost mimicking the way a hand cranks a motor handle. Just add your reading voice and books become a multi-dimensional, multi-media experience. In a digital age, why is the story machine so important?

 | A New Chapter with Kirli Saunders 

Join proud Gunai woman and award-winning author and artist, Kirli Saunders for an exploration of her creative process. Kirli will share readings from her poetry and new book, Our Dreaming, and examine how poetry underpins all her work, from children’s picture books to plays, prose and visual art.

| The Beating Heart Of Story with Dr Helen Milroy

Helen will reveal the process and insights to her much loved works. Come on her journey, the beating heart through traditional stories filled with self-discovery and enduring friendships.

| HER-Story with Jackie French, Kirli Saunders, Dianne Wolfer, Dr Helen Milroy & Cristy Burne

At almost every major event in history, women were there playing a major part. HER-stories are often hard to find. It’s time to acknowledge the achievements of these women and their stories. 

| The Stories They Tried To Forgetwith Jackie French

In 1920 the British army had 3,600 documents about women’s service in World War I both on the front line and in Intelligence. All but 30 were burnt. Even now, telemovies are made about the ‘Windsor-Wallis’ love affair and the Duke’s abdication. We are only beginning to realise how much of the history we have been taught - or still have presented as fact - is false. This session will focus on stories of piracy, heroism, love affairs, and extraordinary adventure, all true, all substantiated,and often scandalous as well.

| Teaching Australian Literature with Reading Australia

Reading Australia is a Copyright Agency initiative to support the teaching and reading of Australian literature in Australian schools. The website features more than 260 freely available resources written for teachers, by teachers, on books aligned to the Australian Curriculum. This session will introduce you to Reading Australia and help you navigate resources to teach Australian literature in the classroom. Presented by Nicola Evans, Head of the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund and Reading Australia, and Jenny Ryan, Reading Australia Editor and Digital Publisher.

| Aussie STEM Stars Panel with Dianne Wolfer, Deb Fitzpatrick and Cristy Burne

Join these passionate authors to discuss the origin of each of their works and the Aussie STEM Stars’ stories themselves. How do they write from different perspectives, research and grasp scientific terminology and what is the impact of their work in schools? 

| The Elephant In The Room with James Foley

James Foley’s latest book, Stellarphant, is about determination. But look just under the surface and you’ll find it’s also about discrimination, diversity, equality, equity, and feminism. James will discuss the process and inspiration behind Stellarphant; the true stories of the animals who have travelled to space and the little details you may have missed in his book.

 | Literary Limnings with Conference Authors and Illustrators

What every bibliophile wants to know, what are the books currently by our bedside? Which books do we recommend, which electrified and inspired this panel of presenters and which books leave us richer in person? 

| Staying Loyal To The Imaginationwith Marc McBride

Illustrators wield a lot of power in their hands. Their choices determine who readers will see and won’t see. What is a good process for creating? Is feedback helpful? What prompts Marc McBride to create his illustrations? How much of an illustrator’s work is the consumption of ideas versus original creation?

 | The Real World Told Creatively with Cristy Burne

Solving today’s real-world problems requires creativity, courage, compassion and capability. We need innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. We need courageous, active citizens of the world to stand up and play their part. That’s why Cristy Burne is so passionate about blending STEM and storytelling to engage and empower her young readers. Using her WAYRBA shortlisted junior fiction Off The Track, and WA Premier’s Book Awards shortlisted Wednesday Weeks series – co-written with Denis Knight – Cristy will share ways to STEAM up your classrooms and your lives.

| Déjà Vu - Making Picture Book Sequels with Gabriel Evans

Creating a picture book can be tricky. Creating a sequel invites a whole new set of complex challenges. Join picture book author and illustrator, Gabriel Evans, as he shares his experience in creating picture book sequels. Using his two international selling titles, A Human for Kingsley and Norton and the Bear, as inspiration, Gabriel discusses the process of returning to characters, expanding their stories and avoiding the narrative pitfalls along the way.

| The Centre Of Storywith Morris Gleitzman

Delve into the power and fun of stories for young and old. Stories help us understand ourselves and others better, open up future possibilities in our lives and equip us to make the most of them, show us that problems are our friends, and that failure can be as helpful as a hot meal.

| The Written Word with Jackie French, Mandy Nayton CEO Dyslexia SPELD and Sarah Gaudieri (ECU Tutor)

This panel brings a range of educational experience. Join this unique discussion into the quality versus quantity of reading. What role do decodable readers play with early reading instruction? What is the psychological impact of living with dyslexia? Learn from the experts about how to mentor young readers and select that magic book. 

| Bad Boys With Good Books with Marc McBride, James Foley and Gabriel Evans

Pre-published or well published, the literary world is full of images and words. Images comfort us. They let us know that we aren’t alone. Bonded together, how do words and images meet? These illustrators will reveal their artistic approaches, the materials they love to use and ones they avoid. A dissection into the science of illustration.

| Books In The Gaps – How To Make Moments Into Books with Sean E Avery

Finding time to be creative is tricky for anyone with a day job – tricky, but not impossible! Join full-time teacher and bookmaker, Sean E Avery, as he talks about the joy he finds in balancing these two complementary career paths. Sean will show how you don’t need to quit your day job to find the time and freedom to work creatively using examples from his WAYRBA short-listed picture book, Happy As A Hog Out Of Mud, and upcoming titles with Walker Books Australia.

| Bouncing Between Genreswith Dianne Wolfer

It’s been a year like no other for Dianne; 3 books, 3 genres, 3 publishers, with 2 others (in different genres) contracted for 2023. In April, Dianne’s final title in the Light series The Last Light Horsewas published. Along next was a second Aussie STEM Star title, Skye Blackburn Lang – eating bugs for the planet. Hopping to YA, her novel, Mia, is part of the Through my Eyes Australian Disaster series, set in 2019 when Cyclone Veronica hit the Pilbara. Smart career moves, or misguided hotchpotch? You be the judge (Dianne has no idea). 

| A Generational Story with Deb Fitzpatrick

Some stories stay with you for a lifetime. Deb will introduce the incredible journey taken by Ajay Rane and his family which brought him to where – and who – he is today. It’s a saga of sorts, going back three generations of Ranes, and is heart-warming and saddening by turns. A rollercoaster of emotions.

| Living And Writing On The Road

Since the Centre opened in 1993, we have heard so many stories from our finest creators that have literally made us groan, weep or laugh hysterically. Our presenters will confide in you, retelling hilarious, shocking, negative, touching, or wonderful experiences. 

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