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Author/Illustrator: Rebecca Young & Matt Ottley

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Suitable: Year 4 to Year 9

A young boy’s voyage is at the centre of this stunning new book
 by Rebecca Young and Matt Ottley. He sets off from the home he
 has always known to find another. He takes only a few possessions, including a teacup full of the earth from the place he used to play. The voyage is sometimes serene and sometimes fraught, but one that allows the boy to find a new place and wait...for a whisper.

In this striking collaboration, Rebecca Young’s simple yet powerful tale has been brought to life by Matt Ottley’s compelling and exquisite artwork.

Links to the Western Australian Curriculum:

English: Literature Strand: Responding to literature and Examining literature.  Literacy Strand: Interpreting, analysing, evaluating. Language Strand: Text structure and organisation and Expressing and developing ideas

Humanities and Social Sciences: History

General Capabilities: Literacy, Personal and Social Capability and Ethical understanding

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