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Mrs Millie's Painting

Author/Illustrator: Matt Ottley

Publisher: One Tentacle Publishing

Suitable: Year 1 to Year 3

Mrs Millie loves flowers, but she has no garden. Instead, she grows geraniums in pots by the window and paints wild, beautiful pictures of exotic plants. And then one night something wonderful happens.

Matt Ottley has a magical way with both words and illustrations and this enchanting book, about acceptance and tolerance of difference, will generate much thought and discussion. Students will be captivated by the striking illustrations which provide the perfect stimuli for the teaching of visual literacy and critical and creative thinking skills. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to explore one of the Centre’s most stunning classics and celebrate its re-release.

Links to the Western Australian Curriculum:

Early Years Learning Framework Outcome 5: Children are Effective Communicators. 

English: Literature Strand: Responding to literature, Examining literature and Literature and context.  Literacy Strand: Interacting with others. 

General Capabilities: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking and Personal and Social Capability

Please note this exhibition is offered in Centre only.

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