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How To Make A Bird

Author/Illustrator: Meg McKinlay and Matt Ottley

Publisher: Walker Books Australia

Suitable: Year 5 to Year 10

From an award-winning author, Meg McKinlay, and celebrated artist Matt Ottley comes a moving and visually stunning picture book that celebrates the transformative power of the creative process. We shadow the protagonist as she contemplates the blueprint of an idea, collects the things that inspire from the natural world to shape a bird. And breathes life into it before letting it fly free. It shows how small things, combined with a little imagination and a steady heart, can transform into works of magic.

Links to the Western Australian Curriculum:

English: Literature Strand: Responding to literature and Examining literature.  Literacy Strand: Interpreting, analysing, evaluating. Language Strand: Text structure and organisation and Expressing and developing ideas

Science: Biological Sciences

 The Arts: Visual Arts.

General Capabilities: Literacy and Critical and Creative Thinking

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