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Home and Away

Author/Illustrator: John Marsden and Matt Ottley

Publisher: Lothian Books

Suitable: Year 7 to Year 12

Home and Away is a compelling and confronting story of one Australian family as they suffer the hardships and terrors of war. Forced to flee Australia, they set out to find a new and safe home in a distant land. Students will respond to the message within this remarkable book that each of us wants and deserves a home. A powerful and thought-provoking workshop experience. 

Links to the Western Australian Curriculum:

English: Literature Strand: Responding to literature, Literature and context, Examining literature and Creating literature.  Literacy Strand: Texts in context

Humanities and Social Sciences: History

General Capabilities: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding and Intercultural understanding

Please note this is a multimodal exhibition.

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