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Author/Illustrator: Shaun Tan

Publisher: Hachette

Suitable: Year 6 to Year 12

Cicada is the story of a cicada who works in an office, and all the people who don't appreciate him. It provides a perspective on modern life by an outsider: highlighting the limitations of modern city life and the prejudice and bullying that occurs in society.

It is a wonderful example of a picture book that can work with multiple age groups to explore visual language and multimodality along with voice, perspective and context.  

Links to the Western Australian Curriculum:

English: Literature Strand: Responding to literature and Examining literature.  

Literacy Strand: Interpreting, analysing, evaluating. 

Language Strand: Text structure and organisation and Expressing and developing ideas

The Arts: Visual Arts

General Capabilities: Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking and Ethical Understanding Intercultural Understanding