Young Writers Testimonials

“I really loved it and would definitely come back. It did really inspire me to go home and write a really interesting and exciting story.”

Annabelle, Year 6, Lance Holt School


“I think the workshop was really fun. I really enjoyed it and loved hearing stories and what other people wrote when given the same topic as me. The author made it feel like a comfortable space and I felt confident enough to read out my work. [Deb Abela] was really enthusiastic and that made things more interesting. I’m very excited about doing a workshop here again!”

Rosie, Year 6, Mount Hawthorn Primary School


“I believe that this workshop has improved everything about my writing and has improved my confidence in public speaking. The author was extremely kind and gave me ideas to write a few short stories at home."

Connor, Year 6, Mount Hawthorn Primary School


“I feel that the workshop really encouraged me to listen to others’ ideas and writing. The workshop was fun and enjoyable and made me feel welcome because of the people who work here. Thanks for giving me more books to read!"

Annabelle, Year 6, Mount Hawthorn Primary School