Feedback for Inaugural Young Writers Online


There were so many things that I had never even thought to try in my writing. I think this was an amazing opportunity to improve my writing. - Student, Year 6, Perth College

I really like this programme. I learned a lot and the things they teach you are very different from what you would do in class. I really like how each author’s style of writing is really different. – Student, Year 8, Perth College

It was great. I learned a lot of new tips with writing dialogue between characters. I also learned how to view environments and events in the characters point of view. - Student, Year 10, Swan Christian College

Very informative and insightful, definitely learnt a lot and got plenty of practice out of it. - Student, Year 7, South Coast Baptist College

Really interesting and I got a lot of tips and ideas. Deb is really interesting and inspiring. - Student, Year 6, East Narrogin Primary

It taught me a lot on how to develop characters and a story. I needed help on how to write narratives and Isobelle gave me more than that. She taught me so many things that I can’t put in words or it will take up 2 whole pages. - Student, Year 9, Mandurah Catholic College 

I thought the author’s sessions were very helpful as we learnt so much about how to construct and write stories so it can become the best possible version we can create, and so we can spread a concept or idea that is really important to us to the rest of society. Student, Year 8, Perth College



I think the sessions have run really well. The students have been excited and engaged. We are really enjoying them. - Teacher, Yuna Primary School

The sessions were very engaging and promoted the students to think about their writing. The students were highly motivated to write and listen to Deb’s advice. They thoroughly enjoyed every session. - Deputy Principal, East Narrogin Primary School

Just an email to let you know how much I am enjoying watching Scot’s presentations with the GSG writing workshop students.  The quality of Scot’s presentations – content and presentation (love the two cameras and the musical interludes and varied settings) – is outstanding.  I am learning a great deal of useful stuff as I listen and am keen to share my notes with my Year 12 English students – so many great ideas to help them develop their creative writing.  Students of all ages were very engaged and we had lots of fun in the breaks sharing our writing and ideas. - Teacher, Head of English, Great Southern Grammar

Thanks so much for your innovation in these times.  Principal, Walkaway Primary School

We are thrilled that you have been able to organise this for our students. - Teacher, Coogee Primary School