Young Writers

Our Young Writers programs are for avid readers and writers in Years 6 to Year 12. Available face-to-face or online. (Formerly called Talented Young Writers' Program)

2021 Young Writers Online

'Online' Launched in 2020

Following the COVID-19 health crisis, we found a way to deliver accessible learning opportunities ONLINE for students, not only here in WA but for use Australia-wide. From April, we moved our well established face-to-face Talented Young Writers Program for Years 6-12 (now known as Young Writers Collective) to a series of pre-recorded author videos on a private platform.  We know the value of offering a program with maximum flexibility for teachers and unique learning experiences for students.  

Our award-winning Australian authors of Young Adult books each created over 3 hours of content suitable for a classroom setting or 'at home' learning. With a focus on writing skills development, creativity and insights into the author's career, we felt certain that viewers would be inspired and entertained.  It is also superb Professional Learning for teachers.

Fortunately, Young Writers Online continues in 2021 and beyond!  

It will run in tandem with our face-to-face Young Writers Collective program. (see HERE for Collective program information)


Due to popular demand, our innovative Young Writers Online program will continue but with a few changes.  

Unlike last year, bookings will be made PER SEMESTER (two terms) to assist us with administration of the program. Young Writers Online will run simultaneously with Young Writers Collective (face to face) as Online enables further reach to students throughout WA who cannot attend the Collective program, and is better suited to some schools/individuals given the flexibility of program delivery.



We're excited to deliver unique online learning opportunity for young people, Years 6 to 12, via a series of videos by top Australian YA Authors. Our award-winning authors present a range of activities and challenges that encourage participation. Students receive the suite of writing sessions by each author (2 per semester) tailored to their year level. We’ve kept flexible program delivery in mind so that it that it fits easily into your classroom and/or online situation (and gives parents options at home).   

What to Expect:

  • Imaginative and creative writing warm-ups. Hook your students into writing!
  • Development of writing skills and processes guided by award winning Australian YA authors.
  • Tips on generating, organising and editing writing ideas.
  • Opportunity to develop students' reading journey through author readings from their books.
  • Introduction to new genres to expand reading repertoire.
  • Insights into how an author thinks and writes.
  • A practical learning opportunity which directly supports classroom activities.
  • Superb professional learning with PL certificate towards Teacher Registration hours for all participating teachers and librarians. 

Online Delivery:

We will provide 6 x 30 minute sessions/lessons OR 9 x 20 minute sessions/lessons (approximate time). These are pre-recorded and are designed to be viewed in sequence.  Each will include the background to, and a reading from, one of the author’s books; a discussion of the writing idea the author is exploring with the students; and an outline of a creative writing task to be done later by the students at the teacher’s discretion following the session. This format may vary slightly between sessions.

We know that breaking up sessions provides flexibility in delivery.  It is your choice!  For example, schedule one session per day, one per week or deliver all together for one big ‘writing day’. Links for all sessions are sent together. They will direct students to the Centre's private Vimeo platform, with access monitored and an expiry date set. These details are provided following registration.



See below our exciting Semester 1, 2021 (Term 1 & 2) Online program of presenting authors for each year group:

Year 6 Students - Deborah Abela (NSW)   View Deborah's session content flyer HERE

Year 7-8 Students - Dianne Wolfer (WA)   View Dianne's session content flyer HERE

Year 9-12 Students - Michael Pryor (VIC)    View Michael's session content flyer HERE

PLUS, Young Writers Online participants also have access to a series of videos from our Author Library eg. recordings previously released that you may have missed. These authors for each year level include:

Author Library Year 6

Deb Fitzpatrick (WA)  See Deb's Content Flyer

Meg McKinlay (WA)  See Meg's Year 6  Content Flyer


Author Library Year 7-8

Barry Jonsberg (NT)  See Barry's Content Flyer

Scot Gardner (VIC)  See Scot's Content Flyer


Author Library Years 9-12

Anthony Eaton (ACT)  See Anthony's Content Flyer

Isobelle Carmody (QLD)  See Isobelle's Content Flyer

Mark Smith (VIC)  See Mark's Content Flyer

Meg McKinlay (WA) See Meg's Years 9-12 Content Flyer

Scot Gardner (VIC) See Scot's Content Flyer



Suitable: Year 6 to Year 12. 
New Cost: $30 per student, per semester (2 terms, 2 authors)

Please complete our Young Writers Online registration form below - either the School version (for Teachers registering student groups) or the Individual version (for Parents registering their child directly).

For Student Groups Semester 1, 2021 -  Young Writers Online School Form

For Individual Students Semester 1, 2021 -  Young Writers Online Individual Form

Remember, students will enjoy access to two sets of Author recordings for the Semester, for the one low fee. On the form choose one new presenting author PLUS one from our Author Library (previous recordings).

Once registration forms have been received, copyright forms will be released, followed by the video links which can be accessed throughout the semester.


How Can We Help?  Please direct enquiries for both programs to our Coordinator via or call the Centre on 08 9430 6869.




There were so many things that I had never even thought to try in my writing. I think this was an amazing opportunity to improve my writing. - Student, Year 6, Perth College

I really like this programme. I learned a lot and the things they teach you are very different from what you would do in class. I really like how each author’s style of writing is really different. – Student, Year 8, Perth College

It was great. I learned a lot of new tips with writing dialogue between characters. I also learned how to view environments and events in the characters point of view. - Student, Year 10, Swan Christian College

Very informative and insightful, definitely learnt a lot and got plenty of practice out of it. - Student, Year 7, South Coast Baptist College

Really interesting and I got a lot of tips and ideas. Deb is really interesting and inspiring. - Student, Year 6, East Narrogin Primary

It taught me a lot on how to develop characters and a story. I needed help on how to write narratives and Isobelle gave me more than that. She taught me so many things that I can’t put in words or it will take up 2 whole pages. - Student, Year 9, Mandurah Catholic College 

I thought the author’s sessions were very helpful as we learnt so much about how to construct and write stories so it can become the best possible version we can create, and so we can spread a concept or idea that is really important to us to the rest of society. Student, Year 8, Perth College



I think the sessions have run really well. The students have been excited and engaged. We are really enjoying them. - Teacher, Yuna Primary School

The sessions were very engaging and promoted the students to think about their writing. The students were highly motivated to write and listen to Deb’s advice. They thoroughly enjoyed every session. - Deputy Principal, East Narrogin Primary School

Just an email to let you know how much I am enjoying watching Scot’s presentations with the GSG writing workshop students.  The quality of Scot’s presentations – content and presentation (love the two cameras and the musical interludes and varied settings) – is outstanding.  I am learning a great deal of useful stuff as I listen and am keen to share my notes with my Year 12 English students – so many great ideas to help them develop their creative writing.  Students of all ages were very engaged and we had lots of fun in the breaks sharing our writing and ideas. - Teacher, Head of English, Great Southern Grammar

Thanks so much for your innovation in these times.Principal, Walkaway Primary School

We are thrilled that you have been able to organise this for our students. - Teacher, Coogee Primary School