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Superhero Foods Kids' Cooking Challenge Competition - Thankyou & Winners Announced!

Posted 8 months ago by Webmaster

Thank you to the children who entered our competition! We are thrilled to announce our 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize-winners AND two Special Participation Awards. 

The panel of 3 judges, Emily from Healthway WA, Jenny from Foodbank WA and Nicole from The Literature Centre said,  “We were particularly pleased with the creative entries, impressed by the huge effort many participants went to and were delighted to see the children really enjoyed their time cooking and using healthy ingredients in the kitchen. The photos submitted were absolutely wonderful!"  

And the winners are....

1st Prize $200 Book Pack - Aarya from Rosalie Primary School. Recipe: "Lloumi Corcapto Lollipop (with Fruity Vegetable Couscous and Oven Baked Chips)"  Super healthy and creative dish with a wonderful description. Even the title was creative!  Lloumi Corcapto was made up from the letters in halloumi, corgette, capsicum and tomato.  Congratulations!

2nd Prize $100 Book Pack - Lily from St Peter's Primary School. Recipe: "Beautiful Butter Chicken"  Extraordinary effort!  Lovely hearty dish and presentation, we appreciated the handwritten ingredients and recipe, and loved seeing the many beautiful photos. Well done!

3rd Prize $50 Book Pack - Charlie from Rosalie Primary School. Recipe: "Potato Stuff"  Wonderful effort by this student with healthy ingredients and a dish he was so proud of. Well done!

Special Participation Award - Abby from Marangaroo Primary School. Recipe: "Abby's Buttery Butter Chicken

Special Participation Award - Iggy from Rosalie Primary School. Recipe: "Healthy Choc Mint Slice"

We'll be in touch with you all to get the prizes from The Literature Centre's Bookshop to you!



Love to create?    Love to cook?    

Here's a competition for kids not to be missed, thanks to our partner Healthway delivering the 'Go for 2&5' healthy eating messages and Foodbank WA's Superhero Foods for all!  Primary School aged children can be in the running to win book packs of great Australian books from The Literature Centre.  

Deadline NOW EXTENDED! Competition closes 5pm, Sunday 2 August, 2020 to incorporate the school holidays for creating in the kitchen plus extra time to enter. 

A judging panel of 3 will be looking for the most creative and appealing recipes.  What healthy ingredients can you add to sweet or savoury recipes.  

The panel includes a representative from Healthway, Foodbank WA and The Literature Centre.  See the entry form below for competition details, and note that parent/guardian consent is required. 


Prizes will be awarded for the most creative recipes:  

1st Prize $200 Australian book pack

2nd Prize $100 Australian book pack

3rd Prize $50 Australian book pack


Kids! Here's what you need to do....

STEP 1: Create and cook your favourite healthy meal or snack. (Hint! Choose foods from the 5 food groups listed on Foodbank's website or see the Recipes for Kids section for ideas)

STEP 2: Be creative and give it a great name! List the ingredients.

STEP 3: Take a photo of your recipe (once completed or dished up) and make sure you are in the photo too.

STEP 4: Download and complete the Kids' Cooking Challenge entry form to submit with your photo.  Entry form is below!  

STEP 5: Submit your entry form (and photo) by emailing directly to Foodbank WA:


ENTRY FORM for TLC Foodbank WA Kids' Cooking Challenge...  HERE


Remember, Foodbank WA has an amazing website with on-line resources, helpful advice and information for children on superhero foods, healthy eating and recipes for all tastebuds!  

Check out 


Weekends (and the school holidays!) are the perfect time to cook and create with friends and family.  We'd love to see your favourite recipes, perhaps a family favourite passed down through generations or even a brand new recipe that you've created.  

Have fun!