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TYWP Testimonials

An integral part of the Talented Young Writers' Programme (TYWP) is the collection of feedback forms from participants every term.  We have a great indication as to what students, teachers and presenting Authors feel about the programme.  We like to share testimonials, updating them regularly, and removing students and teachers’ names for privacy:


"Honestly this was my favourite ever day at the Lit Centre. Not only did I learn a heap and write things that I am pleased with but Julia’s stories and background was super interesting to hear about. I am grateful to have this opportunity and thankful to have learned so much in such a short time!”

Student, St Mark's College (Youth Literature Day - Fremantle)

"Again, another amazing day! The program just keeps on getting better and better! I can't wait to come back next term. It really is a great way to extend on your creative writing skills and I have improved so much! Thanks!"

Student, Penrhos College (Youth Literature Day - Fremantle)

"The Youth Literature Days would have to be by far the most helpful, encouraging and nurturing workshops for young writers like myself. I absolutely loved author James Moloney’s approach to conveying his ideas, techniques and thoughts towards writing and also how much he encouraged us to read and write. Thank you for a great day."

Student, Bunbury Senior High School (Youth Literature Day - Bunbury)  

"What I enjoyed most was being able to write and share it with others who enjoy writing as much as I do. There was no negative feedback and it made me a lot more confident to write in my own style and share what I’ve written."

Student, Albany Senior High School (Youth Literature Day - Albany) 

"At the start of the day I thought that I liked writing. But doing all the activities and listening to the author has really got my imagination going! I LOVE writing! Thank you so much for inspiring me. I can’t wait for next time!"

Student, Georgiana Molloy Anglican School (Youth Literature Day - Bunbury)

“It was an excellent day!  It was very well organised and I learnt a lot.  It was absolutely fantastic listening to Brigid Lowry, learning tricks of the trade, inspirations, ideas and other things that normally we wouldn’t learn.  I am very glad for this opportunity and looking forward to hearing from other authors and doing different things. Thank you.”
Student, Year 9, John Curtin College of the Arts (Youth Literature Day – Fremantle)

“Way too short!  Julia Lawrinson was amazing to listen to; the writing techniques were new and exciting.  I loved learning about her books and their stories – it helps to understand how a story evolves and the purpose of it.  I love Julia’s personality and passion for writing.  She made the workshop activities all the more enjoyable.  Thankyou!”
Student, Year 10, Great Southern Grammar (Youth Literature Day – Albany)

“Today was a great learning experience.  I really feel that I could turn one of my pieces into a book!  I loved learning new writing skills and meeting a real author.” 
Student, Mt Barker Community College (Young Writers’ Day – Albany)

“Today was loads of fun.  I had a great time and learned quite a lot.  It has been so much fun to come to these Youth Lit days and I’ll be back next year. I wish school was a lot more like this.  Awesome days I will never forget.” 
Student, Albany Senior High School (Youth Literature Day – Albany)



"Thank you for bringing Australia’s modern literary greats to humble old Bunbury and for giving our students the opportunity to learn from them. James Moloney, you rock! Lesley Reece (and the Lit Centre), I love your work and think what you’re doing is awesome!"

Teacher, Bunbury Catholic College (Youth Literature Day - Bunbury)

“An inspiring day.  I really love seeing my students develop and blossom into confident young writers.  They get an opportunity here that they do not get in schools – support from like-minded writers in a casual environment.”
Teacher, John Willcock College  (Youth Literature Day – Fremantle)

“Today has renewed my love for writing.  I was completely engaged, which is hard for a teacher as we are used to teaching, not being taught.  My students loved the workshop and Archie and the tasks had purpose.”  
Year 7 Teacher, Eaton Community College (Young Writers’ Day - Bunbury)

“Fantastic day for my students – it will push the strong writers and will help develop the confidence of those not as strong.  Wonderful PD (professional development) for me – lots of exciting ideas to take back to my classroom.”
Teacher, Eaton Community College (Youth Literature Day – Bunbury)

“Wonderful.  A very rare, pain-free day of professional development. Excellent, engaging presentations.  Most worthwhile.”
Teacher, Bunbury Catholic College (Youth Literature Day - Bunbury)



"As a writer, it is a gift to be with these young, enthusiastic and brimming-with-talent people. The feedback the participants give confirm that they love the days as much as we do." Julia Lawrinson - Author and programme presenter

"Thank you sooooo much to the beautiful staff at the Fremantle Literature Centre. They work so hard to reach kids all through the state and treat them to the joys of reading, books and writing with some of Australia's most talented and lovely creators. And the kids just LOVE it. Thank you a million times over, Lesley Reece and her staff for letting me be part of it (presenting) for 10 stupendous days." Deborah Abela - Author and programme presenter

"Such a privilege to work in the Centre's wonderful programme with amazing staff and vibrant, enthusiastic kids." Sally Murphy - Author and programme presenter

"What a fabulous week at The Literature Centre's Talented Young Writer Programme!  Delightful, enthusiastic, stimulating kids doing wonderful work; it's enough to make a writer's wrinkled heart sing." Meg McKinlay - Author and programme presenter

“I kept thinking during that week how passionately I would have loved to be part of such a group when I was young.”  Isobelle Carmody - Author and programme presenter

“For me, to have been given the opportunity to share with students where my ideas come from, and how my life experiences have shaped my work, has been the most profound and rewarding of teaching experiences.”  Matt Ottley – Author/Illustrator and programme presenter