Literature Workshops

If you're looking for a unique workshop for your students, look no further than our Literature Workshops. They're conducted by our Education Officers and are usually presented in a series of two or more stimulating sessions, focusing on one or more Australian picture books. 

Literature Workshops are linked to the Literature strand of the Western Australian Curriculum, in particular Responding to Literature.  In addition, picture books enable exploration of other Curriculum links which are noted within the description of the picture books we use.  

See a sample of the exhibitions we're currently working with HERE

At any one time, we have over 25 travelling picture book exhibitions of original artwork, drafts, preliminaries and research materials from Australian children's and young adult picture books. Please contact us for information on the availability of exhibitions at the Centre OR as travelling exhibitions. See our range of Travelling Book Exhibitions for Literature Workshops HERE.

Below we've outlined Incursion and Excursion options for these popular student workshops.  

Incursions - Special Offer in 2021

We understand that due to COVID-19 these have been uncertain times for schools. In 2021, we'll continue to offer a reduced fee for our Literature Workshops in schools using picture book exhibitions, especially given school excursions may not be possible or preferred at this time. Instead, we can work safely in your school.

Schools can access a special daily fee of $600.00* for incursions (normally $880.00)

Tailored literature workshops range from 60-90 minutes, typically 1 class per session.  

*Please Note: An additional travel fee may apply depending on greater Perth or regional WA location.

Contact our Education team by calling the Centre on 08 9430 6869 or submit a School Booking Form below

School Booking Form

Workshop Requirements for Incursions

Physical Requirements

  • One classroom-sized cleared quiet area for set up of the exhibitions. We will bring suitable boards to display our exhibitions.  Whiteboard, markers and eraser may be required.
  • 2-3 small display tables
  • If required, access to a class set of chairs and tables or class set of clipboards for students to lean on
  • If required, students to bring lead pencils

Staff at the Centre will plan your residence to suit the needs of your students. For some workshops, additional materials may be needed. These may include such things as a data projector and screen, access to a photocopier and access to water.

Session Times

Sessions can be arranged to suit your school timetable and we can adjust these according to year level. Typically, they are 60-90 minutes. The most convenient arrangement is 3 sessions per day ie. start of school until recess, recess until lunch and lunch until the end of the day.  It would be appreciated if the following points could be taken into consideration when planning timetables:

  • Allocate the longer sessions to the older classes
  • Timetable similar year levels together, eg. junior primary classes one day, middle primary classes another etc.
  • If more than one exhibition is being used during the residence, please allow time for the exhibitions to be changed.

 Other Considerations

  • IMPORTANT! Students should not be shown the exhibition book(s) before participating in a session. However, we encourage teachers to read other books by the same author or illustrator, to the students if you wish. Please ensure all teachers are aware of this.
  • Each class MUST be accompanied by their class teacher, or another teacher from the school, to fulfil duty of care requirements. Students must be supervised during the sessions and, of course, the knowledge acquired by the teacher is invaluable.
  • Many teachers consider these sessions to be Professional Learning and a rare opportunity to observe the individual responses of their students. Detailed teachers' notes, ensuring appropriate follow-up activities, will be provided.

Costs: Contact us for a tailored quote.  In 2021, we're offering a $600 daily fee in schools (2-3 workshops depending on scheduling). 

Travel: As appropriate for some Perth locations and for regional WA.  Kilometre rate @ 80 cents per km will be advised by Centre staff after residence. Costs associated with car hire; airfares; taxi fares may also apply.

Accommodation and Meals: To be provided by the school during regional WA residences.

Payment: An invoice will be forwarded to the school shortly after the completion of a residence. EFT or credit card payments accepted.

Cancellation Fee: A cancellation fee will be charged if notice is given less than a month prior to the visit (excluding school holidays). We understand unavoidable circumstances may apply, please keep us informed by emailing

Excursions to our Centre

Students love visiting our unique Centre in the heritage-listed surrounds of the Old Fremantle Prison. Literature Workshops are held in one of the Centre's galleries, usually within an exhibition of original artwork (or prints) from an Australian picture book.  Each term, there are at least four picture books exhibited which include drafts, research material, photographs, storyboards, dummy books, and preliminary artwork.   

Workshops are interactive and will have students engrossed, particularly as they explore and interpret the illustrations and attempt to predict the storyline. The Centre's Education Officers share the journey of the book from its beginning to the final book format: through questions, discussions, and often with an element of writing, drawing or drama.

Current Book Exhibitions:  Find out which picture book exhibitions are available this term.  Click through to the Book Exhibitions section of this website.

Excursion Information: The Literature Centre complies with the Department of Education's Excursion Policy Guidelines.  For further excursion information specific to the Centre, including public liability insurance, please see the attachments below.

COVID Safety Plan: Updated July 2021 here

Duration:  2 hours.

Suitable:  Pre Primary to Year 12.  Conducted by the Centre’s Education Officers.

Cost: $11.00 per student

Longer workshops are available.

Western Australian Curriculum:  These workshops are linked to the Literature strand of the Western Australian Curriculum, in particular Responding to Literature.  In addition, most picture books provide other Western Australian Curriculum links and are noted within the description of the picture books we use.

For excursion information, public liability insurance, emergency procedures and more see important documents below. To make an enquiry follow this link:

School Booking Form

Important Documents for Schools