School Program + COVID-19 School Workshop Offer

The Literature Centre has a range of workshops for students from Pre-Primary to Year 12 and professional learning workshops for teachers.

Travelling Exhibitions and 'Go for 2 and 5' WA Primary School Literature Program

The Literature Centre aims to make literature more accessible to students from Pre-Primary to Year 12, in an inspiring and nurturing environment. Although many schools visit the Centre, we also conduct residences in primary and secondary schools and libraries throughout Western Australia. These residences consist of the Centre's experienced Education Officers conducting stimulating workshops focusing on literature, writing and illustration. We have over 25 travelling exhibitions of original artwork, drafts, preliminary and other materials from Australian children's and young adult picture books. Please contact us for our list of picture books available as travelling exhibitions.



Dear Teachers,

We understand these are unprecedented times in schools and classrooms and our thoughts have been with you during the COVID-19 crisis.  We also want to remind schools that with our many and varied travelling picture book exhibitions, we can work safely with one class at a time in your school.

For the remainder of 2020, we are offering schools a reduced daily fee of $495.00* for incursions (normally $880.00) for 3 classes per day (sessions 90 minutes, 1 class per session)  

An additional travel fee will apply for bookings outside the Perth metropolitan area.  See Flyer HERE

Or, we have other scheduling options to fit in with your needs.  

Find out more in School Programs HERE or contact Sacha Burbridge from our Education team with your request or query, or phone the Centre on 08 9430 6869.



For primary school workshops at our Centre and in schools,  The Literature Centre proudly acknowledges our long and rewarding partnership with Healthway, promoting the Go For 2&5 and the Foodbank Superhero Foods messages. Together they assist us with funding for our 'Go for 2 & 5' WA Primary Schools Literature Program throughout the year. Important healthy eating messages for children and families can be found in a series of special worksheets suitable for primary school children. Please see our link to 3 worksheets below and print copies to use in the classroom or for children to complete at home.  We also have access to Foodbank WA's Activity Book, Recipe Book and a helpful handbook.  Please see links below. 

In 2020, The Literature Centre will continue to introduce WA children to Superhero Foods giving them healthy bodies and strong minds. In all of our primary school literature workshops, our Education Officers increase awareness and understanding of eating a rainbow of colourful fruits and vegetables everyday, drinking water regularly ('zombie' drinks are loaded with sugar!) and discussing everyday foods. Find out more at


The following information details the requirements needed to carry out a literature workshop in schools:

Physical Requirements

  • One classroom-sized cleared quiet area for set up of the exhibitions, per presenter
  • 8 - 10 carpet covered boards to which velcro can be attached (10 - 12 pin up boards are a second best alternative)  Please note: these are NOT required for the Make Your Own Picture Book Workshops, Writing Workshops or Poetry Workshops.
  • Whiteboard, markers and eraser
  • 3 display tables
  • If required, access to a class set of chairs and tables or class set of clipboards for students to lean on
  • If required, students to bring lead pencils

Staff at The Literature Centre will plan your residence to suit the needs of your students. For some workshops, additional materials may be needed. These may include such things as a data projector and screen, access to a photocopier and access to water.

Session Times

Sessions can be arranged to suit your school timetable. The most convenient arrangement is 3 sessions per day ie. start of school until recess, recess until lunch and lunch until the end of the day. It would be appreciated if the following points could be taken into consideration when planning timetables:

  • Allocate the longer sessions to the older classes
  • Timetable similar year levels together, eg. junior primary classes one day, middle primary classes another day etc.
  • If more than one exhibition is being used during the residence, please allow time for the exhibitions to be changed.

 Other Considerations

  • It is important that students are not shown the exhibition book(s) before participating in a session, although we encourage teachers to read other books by the same author or illustrator, to the students. Please ensure all teachers are aware of this.
  • So that the knowledge acquired during the sessions can be optimised, it is desirable that each class is accompanied by their classroom teacher. However, if this is not possible, another teacher must be present to fulfill duty of care requirements.
  • Many teachers consider these sessions to be Professional Learning and a rare opportunity to observe the individual responses of their students. Detailed teachers' notes, ensuring appropriate follow-up activities, will be provided.


Costs: Available on application.

Travel: As appropriate, kilometre rate @ 80 cents per km (to be advised by Centre staff after residence); cost of car hire and petrol; airfares; taxi fares

Accommodation and Meals: To be provided by the school during country residences. It would be appreciated if a light lunch could be provided, eg. sandwich and juice.

Payment: An invoice will be forwarded to the school shortly after the completion of a residence. Cheques can be made out to the The Literature Centre Inc. Direct debit details are available. Prompt payment is requested.

Cancellation Fee: A full cancellation fee will be charged if notice is given less than a term prior to the visit (excluding school holidays). This fee is applicable because the Centre is unable to absorb the cost of such cancellations.

Please contact The Literature Centre to discuss your needs. Ph: 08 9430 6869 or email:



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