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The Literature Centre working with Healthway and Foodbank WA

Posted 2 years ago by Webmaster

In our primary schools workshops, The Literature Centre proudly acknowledges our long and rewarding partnership with Healthway, promoting the Go For 2&5 and the Foodbank Superhero Foods messages. Together they assist us with funding for our 'Go for 2 & 5' Primary School Literature Programme throughout the year.  This year, as in 2019, The Literature Centre is proudly introducing and reinforcing to WA children the Superhero Super Foods - giving them healthy bodies and strong minds.  

Foodbank WA has been fighting hunger since 1994. They currently distribute enough food to provide over 6 million meals to over 480 registered charities, and they have a huge range of nutrition information readily available for educators on their superhero foods hq website.  The unique initiative of the Superhero Foods program supports the WA Curriculum; Health and Physical Education. The Superhero Foods concept is built around the innovative approach of using cartoon characters to promote healthy eating, which makes teaching and learning about food and nutrition fun.  

Some of these fun, bright cardboard characters are on display at our Centre for children to see when they attend our workshops.

With every primary school workshop we deliver at the Centre, or out in schools, our staff advise of our Healthway partnership and discuss the healthy eating messages around 'Go for 2 & 5' and 'Superhero Foods'.  The teacher receives a helpful Healthway information pack and all students receive a 'Let's Cook' Recipe Book, produced by Foodbank WA.  Here’s what some Primary Teachers have said about these messages integrated into our Literature Programme so far;

“Students were excited about [the] little cookbook. Also lots of good healthy messages in cookbook.”

“I thought the rainbow of colours was a great way to talk about different fruits and vegetables. Some students thought tofu was a vegetable so that was interesting!”

“Always important to promote the healthy message.”

Our thanks again to Healthway for our enduring and collaborative partnership.  Last year at our literature workshops, over 12,000 recipe books were distributed to primary school aged children from Perth and regional WA. We look forward to distribution book #2 of the Recipe Book collection!  Find out more at


Foodbank WA Resources Helping During COVID Times

Given the unprecedented challenges during 2020 with the Coronavirus, we know some students may be schooling from home.  Our partners Healthway and Foodbank WA are delighted to offer access to the following handy resources.  Enjoy learning and cooking with the young people in your life today! 

Foodbank WA Recipe Book #2

Foodbank WA Activity Book

Foodbank WA Information Handbook