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Talented Young Writers Programme for Years 6-12

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Given the success of our Talented Young Writers' Programme (TYWP) Online in Term 2 and the restrictions that still apply due to COVID-19, we're offering more author sessions as per our normal TYWP Term 3 schedule. The presenting authors are Scot Gardner (VIC)Mark Smith (VIC) and Meg McKinlay (WA). They've recorded tailored video presentations for us to add to Vimeo as outlined below:


Meg McKinlay is providing 6 x 30 minute sessions for all Year 6’s in metro Perth and regional WA.   

Programme availability 27 July to 30 October, 2020.  



Mark Smith is providing 6 x 30 minute sessions for metro Perth students in Years 9-12.  

Programme availability 27 July to 30 October, 2020.  



Scot Gardner is providing 9 x 20 minute sessions for all Year 7-8 students in metro Perth and regional WA; and students in Years 9-12 in regional WA.

Programme availability 27 July to 30 October, 2020.  



Print a Term 3 timetable HEREVideo sessions for all authors will be loaded and accessible on Vimeo from Monday 27 July, 2020. 

Note: Session content by presenting authors may vary slightly in the course of recording.  Flyer will be updated and re-issued with video links if this is the case. 

Term 3 fees will be the same price as in Term 2.  For all previously registered TYWP Online schools/students, simply email us to advise of your continued participation or any amends to numbers.  For any new school or individual student registrations see the forms below.

Term 4 authors will be announced shortly. Due to continued uncertainty with border restrictions, social distancing requirements, reduced intrastate flight options etc. we will not be able to deliver an 'in person' program at this time.  We look forward to returning to our normal writing program scheduled in Fremantle and regional WA in 2021.



April 2020 Launch Details...

Writing Programme Delivered to you Online at Reduced Fees.  

Now Open to All Schools in Western Australia! 

Hello teachers and parents,

Given the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 health crisis, we’ve been planning ways to deliver exciting learning opportunities for students. For Term 2 and 3, we’re delighted to announce our unique TYWP will be delivered online for registered students Years 6 to 12 via a series of video links.  Our authors’ carefully tailored presentations will be pre-recorded in our same programme style.  Students receive the suite of writing sessions from one author, each term, tailored to their year level.


We’ve kept flexible programme delivery in mind so that it that it fits easily into your classroom and/or online situation (and gives parents options at home!). We’re also passing on fee relief to your school and/or families during COVID times so that students can still participate while staying at home or back in the classroom. 

And, for the first time, this gives us the opportunity to offer this programme to all Western Australian schools no matter where located.  Read on or download our latest flyer  HERE



Option 1: Students who are already enrolled in TYWP have a reduced fee of $20.00 per student, per term. (previously $30.00 per term) Teachers provide links and information to these individuals, to do at home or in the classroom, or

Option 2: Teachers may choose to register a whole class to participate (with or without former students) for the one low fee for all of $10.00 per student, per term.

Teachers who enrol students can view the online sessions for free prior to use with their students.



Presenting authors in Term 2 are Deb Fitzpatrick (WA)Meg McKinlay (WA) and Isobelle Carmody (QLD), each presented content to cover different year levels. Our talented authors have created a range of activities and challenges that focus on student learning, creativeness and their wellbeing at this time.  Your participation ensures an income for our authors in recognition of their efforts.  

As you can imagine, we've enjoyed the challenge of filming and editing our first TYWP Online sessions.  We are learning very quickly how to best present this online experience.  Congratulations to all 3 authors, the feedback to date has been wonderful! 



We will provide 6 x 30 minute sessions/lessons OR 9 x 20 minute sessions/lessons (approximate time). These are sequential.  Each will include the background to, and a reading from, one of the author’s books; a discussion of the writing idea the author is exploring with the students; and an outline of a creative writing task to be done later by the students at the teacher’s discretion following the session. This format may vary slightly between sessions.

We know that breaking up sessions provides flexibility in delivery.  It is your choice!  For example, schedule one session per day, one per week or deliver all together for one big ‘writing day’. Links for all sessions are sent together. They will direct students to the Centre's private Vimeo platform, with access monitored and an expiry date set. These details are provided following registration.  

New enrolments still welcome as content will remain available until 7 August.



See the schedule below to find the author for each year level and location in WA, or download a Term 2 timetable   HERE  

This follows the scheduling typical of our Talented Young Writers' Programme prior to COVID-19. Authors present to students each term at the Centre and in Bunbury, Busselton, Albany and Geraldton.

Given Term 2 is online it allows for students from any location to participate!  Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the right author for your student/child. 


Year 6 Young Writers’ Day for Fremantle (Perth Metro), Albany, Geraldton, Bunbury & Busselton students or any new Year 6 students.

Presenting author Deb Fitzpatrick (WA).  Programme availability 11 May to 26 June, 2020 (now extended to 7 August)



Year 7 & Year 8 Young Writers’ Day for Fremantle (Perth Metro), Albany, Geraldton, Bunbury & Busselton students or any new Year 7-8 students. 

Presenting author Isobelle Carmody (QLD).  Programme availability 15 June to 26 June, 2020 (now extended to 7 August)



Year 9 to Year 12 Youth Literature Day for Fremantle (Perth Metro) students or any Year 9-12 students.

Presenting author Meg McKinlay (WA).  Programme availability 8 June to 26 June, 2020 (now extended to 7 August)



Year 9 to Year 12 Youth Literature Day for Albany, Geraldton & Bunbury students or any Year 9-12 students.

Presenting author Isobelle Carmody (QLD).  Programme availability 15 June to 26 June, 2020 (now extended to 7 August)




  • Imaginative and creative writing warm-ups. Hook your students into writing!
  • Development of writing skills and processes guided by award winning Australian YA authors.
  • Tips on generating, organising and editing writing ideas.
  • Opportunity to develop students' reading journey through author readings from their books.
  • Introduction to new genres to expand reading repertoire.
  • Insights into how an author thinks and writes.
  • A practical learning opportunity which directly supports classroom activities.
  • Superb professional learning with PL certificate towards Teacher Registration hours for all participating teachers and librarians.



Please complete one of our easy TYWP Online registration forms and email it to us on  

Registration form for Teachers for whole classes or multiple students HERE

Registration form for Parents for individual/private students HERE

Once your registration has been received, we will contact you to find our which weeks you wish to participate, and the process for receiving the private video links. 



Please share these details with any teachers or colleagues who may like their students to participate.  Parents of keen young writers, we'd also appreciate you letting friends know of this opportunity. Being online, for the first time the TYWP can be experienced anywhere and not just at the Centre or in our host schools.  

We extend our best wishes to you all during these uncertain times, and look forward to when we can resume our full range of programmes and events at the Centre and in schools.

For enquiries, please contact us at the Centre in Fremantle during normal business hours on phone 08 9430 6869.




With student feedback collected each year during the programme, we can be sure how valuable these workshops are to attendees, how it improves their writing and confidence and therefore improving classroom life. Here's just a few examples of heartfelt feedback that highlight the value of our programme.

"Today was awesome! I really had a great day, I got loads of really helpful notes and ideas and I know I am going to use these new methods that I’ve been taught. It’s such an honour being taught by an author – a real, thrilling privilege. And thanks to these ideas, I think I’ve created a new story for me to continue!"  Student - Methodist Ladies’ College

"I love these days as they give me a place in which my fictional writing skills can be improved and worked on.  I love to hear how other people my age write as well.  The authors are always so funny and interesting to listen to, and I never feel as if I am being lectured.  Thank you."  Student - Mackillop Catholic College

"Today was amazing. It was nice to learn a lot more about writing, things I never knew before. Plus, I don’t usually come to these sorts of occasions. I never usually share my perspective on writing because I try to avoid it. I love writing, I just don’t like to show it. Coming to this has made me want to write more."  Student - Geraldton Senior College