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Calling all Avid Young Readers and Writers! - Work with top Australian YA Authors

Posted 2 years ago by Webmaster

Calling all avid readers and writers Year 6 to Year 12!  Our Talented Young Writers' Programme (TYWP) is held each year with an impressive line-up of presenting authors.  We offer full day workshops for students Year 6 to Year 12 taking place each term in Fremantle at our Centre, and in BunburyBusselton, Albany and Geraldton in our host schools in these regional locations.

We are so proud of this programme, established for over 15 years and attracting around 1800 students from more than 80 schools.

We also gratefully acknowledge the Rowley Foundation's many donations and support for the Talented Young Writers' Programme since 2011.

In 2019 our exciting group of presenting authors will continue the excellent work of this programme, not only sharing their craft but inspiring confidence in the young students they meet.  As always, our authors are selected to present to different year level groups (see our 2019 timetable link below) and we'll will have a selection of their books for sale throughout the year.


  • Brian Falkner (QLD)
  • James Roy (NSW) 
  • Mark Greenwood (WA)
  • Cath Crowley (VIC)
  • Kirsty Murray (VIC)
  • Deb Fitzpatrick (WA)
  • Anthony (Tony) Eaton (ACT)
  • Claire Zorn (NSW)
  • Michael Pryor (VIC)
  • Meg McKinlay (WA)
  • AJ (Amanda) Betts (WA)
  • Will Kostakis (NSW)
  • Dianne Wolfer (WA)

For more information about our unique writing programme and how to participate, please click through here.



With student feedback collected each year during the programme, we can be sure how valuable these workshops are to attendees, how it improves their writing and confidence and therefore improving classroom life. Here's just a few examples of heartfelt feedback that highlight the value of our programme.

"Today was awesome! I really had a great day, I got loads of really helpful notes and ideas and I know I am going to use these new methods that I’ve been taught. It’s such an honour being taught by an author – a real, thrilling privilege. And thanks to these ideas, I think I’ve created a new story for me to continue!"  Student - Methodist Ladies’ College

"I love these days as they give me a place in which my fictional writing skills can be improved and worked on.  I love to hear how other people my age write as well.  The authors are always so funny and interesting to listen to, and I never feel as if I am being lectured.  Thank you."  Student - Mackillop Catholic College

"Today was amazing. It was nice to learn a lot more about writing, things I never knew before. Plus, I don’t usually come to these sorts of occasions. I never usually share my perspective on writing because I try to avoid it. I love writing, I just don’t like to show it. Coming to this has made me want to write more."  Student - Geraldton Senior College