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Suri's Wall

Author/Illustrator: Lucy Estela & Matt Ottley

Publisher: Penguin/Viking Books

Suitable: Year 3 to Year 12

Suri is different from the other children. She is so tall they are afraid of her, and her only companion is the wall which encircles their lives. One day Suri realises she can now see over the top. Not wanting to frighten the other children with the reality of what lies behind the wall, she begins to describe amazing and wondrous sights.

Lucy Estela’s moving story about a young girl left to face the reality of war, and to comfort those too young to understand, is accompanied by the powerful and stunning illustrations of one of Australia’s most acclaimed children’s author/illustrators, Matt Ottley.

Links to the Western Australian Curriculum:

Language (in particular Responding to Literature), Literacy, Language, Visual Arts, Ethical Understanding, History and Critical and Creative Thinking.