Theodore the Unsure

By Pip Smith and Beau Wylie

Book :
Theodore the Unsure
Author/Illustrator :
Pip Smith and Beau Wylie
Publisher :
Scholastic Press
Suitable :
Pre-Primary - Year 3

Set in the heart of the African Savannah, a recently crowned Theodore – Ruler of the Whole Animal Kingdom has many tough decisions. When your mane grows uncontrollably an indecisive King must choose whether to retain his precious locks or to cut. As Theodore is always unsure, the whole animal kingdom wants to know what he will do? This witty story, is about the importance of problem solving, leadership and helping others. Children and adults will delight in this charming tale whilst appreciating Pip Smith’s light-hearted approach to teaching the mane idea of true, self-belief. And all ages will cherish Beau Wylie’s illustrations of King Theodore and his loyal subjects, bathed in Savannah hues.


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