The Watertower

By Gary Crew & Steven Woolman

Book :
The Watertower
Author/Illustrator :
Gary Crew & Steven Woolman
Publisher :
Era Publications
Suitable :
Year 5 to Year 10

ūüí°TIP!¬†One of our enduring Classic Workshops guaranteed to 'hook' all your students whether they are¬†avid or reluctant readers.¬†- Natalya Simon, TLC Education Officer
This book is also listed in the Australian Reading Spine as developed by the DSF's 'Talk for Writing' team.
"Nobody in Preston could remember when the water tower was built, or who had built it." On a scorching hot summer day, Spike and Bubba go for a swim in the old water tower and a series of strange events unfold. Gary lets readers draw their own conclusions about these events whilst Steven's illustrations complete the mystery. 
This intriguing picture book is one of our Centre Classics, delivered to students using PowerPoint, the book, original process materials and insights provided by Gary and Steven. Not held within the full exhibition. 
Links to the Western Australian Curriculum: Literature (in particular Responding to Literature); Literacy; Language, Visual Arts and Critical and Creative Thinking.