The Dam

By David Almond and Levi Pinfold

Book :
The Dam
Author/Illustrator :
David Almond and Levi Pinfold
Publisher :
Walker Books Australia
Suitable :
Year 4 - Year 8

When a great dam was built by the Kielder Water in Northumberland, the valley below slowly filled with water. Just before this, when the villagers had been moved out, two musicians went back to the abandoned valley. They tore down the boards over the houses, stepped inside and started to play – the last time that music would be heard in this place.

The Dam is an astonishing picture book that explores themes of loss and hope and pays homage to all musicians.  David Almond’s lyrical prose and Levi Pinfold’s stunning artwork combine to tell a powerful story about the ancient and unstoppable power of creativity.

Do not miss this chance to see the breath-taking collaboration between a multi-award-winning author and the winner of the 2013 Kate Greenaway Medal.


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