The All New Must Have Orange 430

By Michael Speechley

Book :
The All New Must Have Orange 430
Author/Illustrator :
Michael Speechley
Publisher :
Penguin Random House
Suitable :
Year 3 - Year 6

💡TIP! This thought-provoking book contains Design Technologies themes that sit perfectly with the Western Australian Curriculum. - Jen McKay, TLC Education Officer

Although Harvey already has a heap of things, more than he could possibly use, he wants more. And the thing Harvey wants? An Orange 430. He might not know what the Orange 430 does, or even what it is, but he sure knows he wants one. In his wonderfully funny and clever debut, Michael explores the idea of consumerism and the ongoing desire to have the latest, the newest or the next best thing!
Links to the Western Australian Curriculum: Literature (in particular Responding to Literature); Language; Literacy; Visual Arts; Design Technologies (in particular Materials and Technologies Specialisation and Process and Production Skills); Critical and Creative Thinking; and Humanities and Social Sciences.