Queen Celine

By Matt Shanks

Book :
Queen Celine
Author/Illustrator :
Matt Shanks
Publisher :
Walker Books Australia
Suitable :
Pre-Primary - Year 2

Celine Beaufort was an ordinary girl. She did ordinary things, on ordinary days and in ordinary ways. But every now and then, Celine was a queen of a kingdom by the sea.

Queen Celine is a driven and focused ruler; protective of her kingdom and its beauty. However, as she strives to maintain her realm, she encounters life lessons too big to ignore.

This delightful story is about building walls and breaking them down, with an important and timely environmental message. 

Younger readers are sure to be enthralled by Matt’s colourful and quirky illustrations which balance the serious themes of the story perfectly.


Additional links to the Western Australian Curriculum

Literature (in particular Responding to Literature), Language, Literacy, Visual Arts, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability and Ethical Understanding.