Ned Kelly and the Green Sash

By Mark Greenwood & Frané Lessac

Book :
Ned Kelly and the Green Sash
Author/Illustrator :
Mark Greenwood & Frané Lessac
Publisher :
Walker Books Australia
Suitable :
Year 3 to Year 8

💡TIP! This book is listed in the Australian Reading Spine as developed by the DSF's 'Talk for Writing' team. - Jen McKay, TLC Education Officer

Mark and Frané, bring history to life in Ned Kelly and the Green Sash. His notorious deeds and armour are the things that spring to mind when thinking of Ned Kelly. In this book Mark and Frané enlighten us to the bravery he displayed as a young boy, while still detailing how he grew up to become Australia’s most notorious bushranger. One of our most popular picture book exhibitions and guaranteed to engage!
Links to the Western Australian Curriculum: Literature (in particular Responding to Literature); Language; Literacy; Visual Arts, History Knowledge and Understanding, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Ethical Understanding.