Missing Marvin

By Sue de Gennaro

Book :
Missing Marvin
Author/Illustrator :
Sue de Gennaro
Publisher :
Scholastic Australia
Suitable :
Pre-Primary - Year 3

Marvin loves his job, and the people he works with. Unfortunately, his friends love playing jokes more
than they love working. Even though the jokes are not really funny, Marvin tries to laugh along.  But
soon he realises that his friends only play their jokes on him.  Frustrated and upset Marvin has to make a choice - will he run away and hide, or face his friends?

In her latest offering, Sue de Gennaro has tackled a sensitive issue faced by many children.

Links to the Western Australian Curriculum: Literature (In particular Responding to Literature), Language, Literacy, Health, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding, and Critical and Creative Thinking.