By Mark Greenwood & Terry Denton

Book :
Author/Illustrator :
Mark Greenwood & Terry Denton
Publisher :
Allen and Unwin
Suitable :
Year 4 - 8

“He emerged from the cave of bats with the name given to him by his people. He was Jandamarra - a man of power who could appear and disappear like a ghost.”

Set in the Kimberley, Jandamarra is the story of a young warrior born to lead. To the settlers he was an outlaw to be hunted, to the Bunuba people he was a courageous defender of his country.

Mark Greenwood’s text and Terry Denton’s illustrations combine to bring to life a story of conflict and divided loyalties, giving a unique insight into an extraordinary man and a tragic but important part of Australia’s history.

Other Australian Curriculum Links: Language, Literacy, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, Historical Knowledge and Understanding, Intercultural Understanding, Ethical Understanding