Steve Heron OAM

When Steve isn’t hanging out with the local magpie population, he uses his forty years of experience working with children in social/emotional well-being to cultivate and underpin his writing to create children's books that touch hearts. Steve has extensive experience working with schools and is no stranger to presentations with children. A champion of well-being for children, he has been called an affirmative vandal and a hooligan of hope. Steve’s books have won and been shortlisted for prominent children’s book awards. Based on his books, Steve’s literary workshops are fun and engaging with marshmallow cannons, button pressing, Chinese lanterns, magpies, willie wagtails, echidnas, and comedy. Topics include kindness, friendships, emotional literacy, journaling, creative and descriptive writing (show, don’t tell), the art of writing funny stuff, and using humour to introduce literary devices. Steve also conducts professional development for teachers, adult workshops, and literature festivals.

Steve's workshops focus on writing comedy; creative writing; and writing about feelings.

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