AJ Betts

A.J. Betts is a Fremantle-based author, speaker, teacher, columnist, and cyclist. She regularly presents creative writing workshops and presentations on topics relevant to her novels, themes, and process.

A.J. is best known for her award-winning novels for young adult readers. Her latest work is a two-book speculative fiction series comprising HIVE and ROGUE (Pan Macmillan; 2018, 2019). A.J.'s award-winning third novel, ZAC & MIA (Text Publishing), is available in 14 countries, and its American television adaptation won two Emmys in 2018. Her earlier novels are WAVELENGTH and SHUTTERSPEED (Fremantle Press).

In 2019, A.J. graduated with a PhD in the topic of Wonder at ECU, and was awarded the inaugural Western Australian Premier's Fellowship. A J. is originally from Queensland but has lived in Western Australia since 2004. She teaches English part-time with the School of Special Educational Needs, Medical and Mental Health. 

A.J.'s workshops focus on creativity; ideas generation; drawing inspiration from images; narrative; tension; the unexpected; working from setting; authentic writing; rules for stories.

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