The Feather

By Margaret Wild & Freya Blackwood

Book :
The Feather
Author/Illustrator :
Margaret Wild & Freya Blackwood
Publisher :
Hardie Grant Egmont
Suitable :
Year 3 to Year 6

In a dark and colourless world, two children come across a feather. Enchanted by its beauty they take it to the village to share, but when the villagers decide to lock it away, the feather loses its radiance and becomes dull and dirty. The children then take the feather away and tend it, wanting to do what is best for the feather. In this story about kindness and selflessness, Margaret Wild has once again created a simple narrative that will speak to adults and children alike. Accompanied by the stunning illustrations of Freya Blackwood, this is a story that will stay with you long after you have finished reading it. 


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