The Boy and the Toy

By Sonya Hartnett & Lucia Masciullo

Book :
The Boy and the Toy
Author/Illustrator :
Sonya Hartnett & Lucia Masciullo
Publisher :
Penguin Books Australia
Suitable :
Year 3 - Year 7

One day a man invented the best toy in the world. He gave the toy to his son who thought it was just marvelous. This toy could do anything. As time passed, the boy started to have doubts about the toy. Something was not quite right with it. Was it really the greatest toy in the world? Lucia Masciullo’s whimsical illustrations, together with Sonya Hartnett’s intriguing story about the true nature of friendship, will captivate and challenge your students.

Links to the WA Curriculum: Literature strand, in particular Responding to Literature.



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Language; Literacy; Design and Technology; Visual Arts; Critical and Creative Thinking; Personal and Social Capability.