That Christmas Feeling

By Lili Wilkinson and Amanda Francey

Book :
That Christmas Feeling
Author/Illustrator :
Lili Wilkinson and Amanda Francey
Publisher :
Allen and Unwin
Suitable :
Pre-Primary - Year 2

In this delightful tale by Lili Wilkinson and Amanda Francey, we meet Dottie who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christmas and that special feeling that comes with it each year. Only this year things are a little different. Staying with her grandparents means that Christmas just isn’t the same, and Dottie is worried that special feeling might never come.

A beautiful and heart-warming story about the importance of family and the love and special bond that they share.

Links to the Western Australian Curriculum: Literature (in particular Responding to Literature); Language; Literacy; Visual Arts; Critical and Creative Thinking.